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-The journey-


Ginger Anne London is a professional artist, writer and game developer with a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design as well as an Associates degree in Visual Communications. She has created highly detailed illustrations for books, businesses and popular entertainment in TV and film. Ginger lives with her wife, Michela and 3 legged singing cat, Salem in Florida. Her hometown is Boston MA where she revisits her family and to enjoy a fresh Dunkin Donut's brew.  To view her art portfolio, CLICK HERE.

LGBTQ Community

Ginger fights for human rights and been an openly gay advocate for the lgbtq community since 2006 where she has helped many youth overcome their struggles of being gay, bi or transgender. She has worked very hard to help others feel more proud and accepted in society for who they are. Her stories reflect that and hope to inspire a better world to come for the future of humanity.